Since 1956, Archie Colpitts Ltd., and now Colston Property Group, have provided quality commercial and industrial space, and unmatched service to our clientele.

Building Moncton Since 1956

Archie Colpitts began his career building the single-family homes and small apartment buildings that have become the core of familiar neighbourhoods in Moncton. During the 1960s, Archie Colpitts Ltd evolved to construct and own larger apartment buildings, including the Lorentz Apartments, and built four industrial warehouse projects.

In 1990, Archie’s daughter Andrea began managing the business, and turned the company’s focus to its top quality commercial and industrial holdings in the Moncton area. In recent years, Colston’s portfolio has grown with a series of new buildings, design-built for its tenants.

Today, Andrea, with husband and partner Cyril Johnston, own and manage several commercial properties totalling over 300,000 sq ft of leasable area. In 2014, the company was renamed and rebranded as Moncton’s commercial and industrial property specialists, Colston Property Group.

“Ms. Johnston has been and continues to be the epitome of tact, diplomacy and professionalism in our dealings.”

— Paul Pleau, Federal Government

Why Moncton?

Fast-growing, business-friendly Moncton, long touted as the Hub of the Maritimes, is the ideal place to locate your operation, and the Greater Moncton Area is an excellent place to live and work in Atlantic Canada.

At the center of it all

Centrally located, more than 1.3 million live within 2.5 hours of Greater Moncton... more than 1.5 million within 3 hours. Moncton is home to proven, successful industrial parks, and a broad range of local, national and international businesses.

Hit the road

Convergence of the highway network, rail lines and regional air service positions Greater Moncton as the geographic transportation hub of the Maritimes. There are more than a dozen mid-sized or large transportation firms, 27 regional distribution centres, as well as air transportation and rail cargo assets.

Industrial strength

There are over 300 firms active in the transportation, logistics and warehousing sector in Greater Moncton. Adjusted for the size of the overall workforce, there are more people working in the transportation, logistics and warehousing sector in Greater Moncton than any other metropolitan area across Canada.